Top Indian Hairstylists and Their Signature Hairdos

Indian hairstylists have gained global recognition for their exceptional talent, creativity, and ability to transform hair into works of art. Their unique vision and expertise have propelled them to the forefront of the hair industry, inspiring trends and setting new standards in hairstyling. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top Indian hairstylists and the signature hairdos that have made them renowned in the industry. From red carpet looks to editorial masterpieces, these hairstylists have left an indelible mark on the world of hair.

  1. Jawed Habib:
    Signature Hairdo: The ‘Jawed Habib Layered Cut’

Jawed Habib is a prominent name in the Indian hairstyling industry. His signature hairdo, the ‘Jawed Habib Layered Cut,’ is a masterpiece that combines precision and artistry. This cut adds dimension and movement to the hair, enhancing the natural beauty of the individual. The layers are strategically placed to create volume and texture while maintaining a seamless flow. The result is a versatile and modern hairstyle that suits various hair lengths and types.

  1. Adhuna Bhabani:
    Signature Hairdo: The ‘Breezy Beach Waves’

Adhuna Bhabani, known for her effortless and bohemian approach to hairstyling, is the mastermind behind the coveted ‘Breezy Beach Waves’ hairstyle. This signature look exudes a carefree and beachy vibe, reminiscent of sun-kissed shores. Adhuna expertly creates soft, loose waves that cascade down the shoulders, framing the face beautifully. This versatile hairstyle adds a touch of romance and femininity to any look, making it a favorite among Indian women.

  1. Savio John Pereira:
    Signature Hairdo: The ‘Sleek Bun with a Twist’

Savio John Pereira is renowned for his ability to create sophisticated and elegant hairstyles. His signature hairdo, the ‘Sleek Bun with a Twist,’ is a perfect example of his expertise. This hairstyle combines sleekness and intricate detailing to create a polished and refined look. The hair is expertly gathered into a neat bun, with carefully crafted twists and braids adding a touch of uniqueness. The result is a glamorous and timeless hairstyle that is ideal for formal occasions.

  1. Sapna Bhavnani:
    Signature Hairdo: The ‘Edgy Undercut’

Sapna Bhavnani, a hairstylist known for her fearless approach to hair transformations, has popularized the ‘Edgy Undercut’ in India. This daring and bold hairstyle involves shaving or buzzing a section of the hair, creating a striking contrast with the remaining length. The ‘Edgy Undercut’ allows individuals to express their individuality and make a strong style statement. It has become a symbol of empowerment and self-expression for many.

  1. Rod Anker:
    Signature Hairdo: The ‘Effortless Messy Updo’

Rod Anker, an Australian-Indian hairstylist based in Delhi, is celebrated for his ability to create effortlessly chic hairstyles. His signature hairdo, the ‘Effortless Messy Updo,’ is a perfect blend of casual and elegance. This hairstyle involves loosely pinning the hair into a tousled updo, allowing strands to fall naturally and framing the face. The ‘Effortless Messy Updo’ is ideal for both formal and informal events, making it a versatile choice for many Indian women.


These top Indian hairstylists have not only mastered their craft but also left an indelible mark on the world of hairstyling. Their signature hairdos have become iconic and continue to inspire both professionals and individuals seeking unique hairstyles. Whether it’s the precision of the ‘Jawed Habib Layered Cut,’ the carefree vibe of the ‘Breezy Beach Waves’ by Adhuna Bhabani, or the boldness of the ‘Edgy Undercut’ popularized by Sapna Bhavnani, these hairstylists have revolutionized the way we perceive and style our hair. Their creativity, innovation, and passion for hairstyling continue to shape the trends and redefine beauty standards in India and beyond.

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